Custom clothing services in Warners Bay

Onya Visuals offers custom decorated clothing for businesses, corporations, sports teams and other organisations in Warners Bay & surrounding areas. Our team works hard to deliver exceptional, high quality decorated clothing for every customer.

Should you require assistance, we will help you find the perfect garment from our massive range, or if you would like something unique to your needs we can create a perfect design through our custom sublimation process.

Work Wear

We offer work wear for businesses looking to achieve a more professional appearance. Among other items, we supply drill shirts, overalls, polos, winter wear and much more. We can handle any order size and will help you through the design process so your branding is on point.
Work Wear — Onya Visuals in Warners Bay, NSW
Team Wear — Onya Visuals in Warners Bay, NSW

Team Wear

Here at Onya Visuals, we customise clothing for sports teams or clubs that want to look great during events. We have a wide range of great products, from jerseys and polos, to shorts and t-shirts. We understand the effect appearance can have on performance, and we are here to help you look great.

Custom Sublimation

Having a decorated stock item is one thing, but having a custom designed sublimated product that is unique to your business is even better. With an in-house artist, Onya will be able to custom design your garments to make you and your brand stand out in a crowd.
Corporate Wear — Onya Visuals in Warners Bay, NSW
Uniforms — Onya Visuals in Warners Bay, NSW


Uniforms are often essential for sports teams and businesses, and we help our clients come up with awesome design ideas to make their vision come to life. We offer uniforms for summer, autumn, winter and spring season and have a wide range of products ready that are certain to fit your business or organisation perfectly.